Woodlands Primary School, Tonbridge

After School Club, Mondays, 3.30pm-4.30pm

Term starts on 14th Sep 2020 

Age Range - 5 Years - 11 Years

Places Available

We are pleased to bring back our outstanding cookery classes to Woodlands school. Our classes are fun and interactive and the children learn many skills both around cooking - chopping, weighing, stirring, mixing, whisking, grating etc., as well as educational and life skills such as maths, reading, listening, taking turns, hygiene and concentrations skills (without them realising!).

We talk about healthy choices and food knowledge while we prepare a dish together to bring home to cook, heat up or just plate up! All of our recipes have healthy options and they are an excellent way for children to enjoy learning some recipes to make on their own with minimal help but with being proper delicious recipes!

We have all new dishes for this term, including Fluffy Sultana Cake, Pizza, Banana Cheesecake, Tuna Rice Salad, Jammy Biscuits, Chicken Couscous, Chocolate Brownies, Seeded Breadsticks, Apple Crumble, Stuffed Giant Shells, Upside-down Pear & Ginger Cake, Goats Cheese & Cranberry Parcels and Christmas Cake.

The cost of £9 per class includes the use of aprons and cookery equipment, all ingredients, containers to take the dishes home in, a laminated recipe card and a start cook certificate each week for one super chef!

(For those worried about Covid 19, we have a risk assessment to adhere to current govt. guidelines which you can ask for a copy of if you wish. The children will be well spaced out, do not share equipment in the class and everything is scrupulously cleaned in between classes) .

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