Types of Cooking Classes for Children

Preschool age
(2 - 5 yrs)

These classes are aimed at little ones and are great fun. The children would be weighing, mixing, rolling and using other skills, with a little help from an adult with them. Preschool classes allow a young child to enjoy a cooking class whilst the care giver has no stress of planning, shopping or cleaning up afterwards! Children love to cook and with a little help all manage to prepare and make a tasty sweet or savoury dish.  

Primary school
(4 - 11)

These classes would be held after school and in school holidays. The children each cook a sweet or savoury dish, bring it home for the family to admire and enjoy. These classes would either be held at school or in a local hall. Primary school classes are a little more technical and children gain more experience with being able to do more things themselves without so much help, but a teacher is always on hand to guide, advise and encourage. 

(11 - 16 yrs)

These classes would be more advanced for older children. They would cook a whole meal instead of just one dish or element and the class lasts longer. Children would learn hob work as well as many other kitchen skills that younger children cannot manage. Dishes would be varied and very enjoyable to cook. Lessons would relaxed and fun!

For all classes, the cost of the class covers all ingredients,

a laminated recipe card, use of aprons and packaging to take your cookery creations home.