You can see these and more reviews on our Facebook page also. Please see what results our parents and children have had from attending children's cookery classes, workshops or parties with me.

And we get lunch!

George came to a live class and he really enjoyed it. We always intended to do more so it was ideal when the online option became available.

George had expressed an interest in learning to cook. He really enjoys the independence of cooking alone with only minimal support from me. It's fun, interactive time spent doing something creative. And we get lunch!

The banana cinnamon swirls have been our favourite recipe so far I think.

Classes are fab with varied recipes and enough challenge to keep it interesting but only very minimal support needed from mum.

Emma C

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I was looking for cookery classes for my then 2 year old and saw the advert for Smart Raspberry on Facebook. When I first contacted Jill she was very helpful and informative. My son has issues with eating different foods and also has sensory issues with touching different textures - I was hoping cookery classes may help with these areas.

I haven’t tried any other cookery classes though have tried cooking at home. I have tried to introduce different foods/textures to him at home and also his nursery have encouraged him to try different things - he was always very resistant to anything new.

He now tries different foods - even just the tiniest bit is an accomplishment! He also tries and likes food that I wouldn’t have even thought about attempting with him. He is also open to touching different textures - sometimes still a little reluctant but so much progress has been made. I think being around other children doing the same activity has really helped him to see that it is ‘ok’!
Isaac really enjoyed making the soda bread and also more recently liked the banana cinnamon swirls as he enjoyed the rising of the dough as well as eating them! I enjoy the savoury recipes as it gives different ideas for meals and I like encouraging Isaac to try more savoury flavours.

On a practical level classes have helped with his skills using utensils and scissors. Also I feel that his confidence has really increased. I think that by being in a smaller cooking group it has allowed him to become more comfortable. He also just really enjoys cooking! Now at home he often asks to help to cook dinner and will help with cutting vegetables and weighing out ingredients.

I would definitely recommend the classes. They are good for those children that may have issues around food. But also just for teaching kids knowledge about food and skills in the kitchen.
I really enjoy having the time with Isaac where we are sat down and following the instructions given - it’s nice to have an activity which is calm and needs concentration from a very active toddler!

Amy B

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Why did you choose Smart Raspberry cookery classes?
It was on the school club list and looked really cool.

What results have you had since coming to our classes?
More confident in the kitchen and able to cook simple meals.

What have been your favourite recipes?
Moroccan couscous and Tiramisu.

What are other benefits that you get from our classes?
Learnt some new techniques and tried some new foods.

What would you say to another parent considering sending their child to our classes?
Definitely give it a go.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Mum says the recipes are healthy, seasonal and low/ no meat which is all good.

Louisa, aged 11

We chose Smart Raspberry as an opportunity for our children to experience live cookery classes without us needing to find appropriate recipes for their age or ability. We have been cooking together at home but this was a change to broaden the range of food - to include a variety savoury dishes for example. We have wanted to attend these in person but our 'normal' school/working week didn't allow - now being at home via zoom has allowed us all to benefit from Jill's experience.

We had no specific issues other than being able to show them different ingredients to see how they get on with eating some different things. They have previously done some more simple cooking at school.

Overall they have enjoyed making and eating everything that has been made. It has been a total pleasure to watch them gain confidence and get so excited about the food they have made. Favourites have tended to vary over time but we all particularly enjoyed the Thai Noodle salad. Others at the top of the list are mini chocolate tarts and sausage rolls.

Other benefits have been gaining experience of checking a list of ingredients, seeing/touching/smelling different ingredients in their raw form, understanding concepts of measuring/weighing, different techniques involved in cooking, safety advice in the kitchen, gaining confidence using a sharp knife, appreciating how baking can alter the appearance of something e.g. dough proving and growing in size.

Definitely do it as it's a wonderful class and is so well run. Jill is very personable and keeps track of how all participants are getting on. Information provided is clear and allows for any differences in ingredients and equipment.

This has been an opportunity for us as parents to also gain more confidence in cooking a variety of different things with our children, whilst Jill has also given us some new and useful tips along the way.

Lisa A.