Online Cookery Classes for Children

Online classes are they have been so popular!

but just for our teens....!


Since schools and venues were first closed we have successfully launched our online children's cookery classes. They have been so popular we are planning on continuing these even though in person classes are now running again. 

We currently have one class online which is aimed at teens, old and young!



These classes are aimed at Teens aged 13 and over to do by themselves or for children from aged 10 with an adult helper by their side. We cook a dinner for 4 ready in time to be eaten that evening. Sometimes with pudding too! Click here for more details.


We have now stopped our online classes for this age group and have started up our in person classes again for primary age and aim to restart preschool from September 2021.

These classes are aimed at primary and preschool aged children and we make recipes to be cooked after the class by an adult. They can be done with preschoolers aged from 2 onwards with lots of help from an adult or primary aged children can do the classes after school with a little help and supervision from an adult. We usually alternate between a sweet and savoury recipe each week. We are currently not running preschool classes due to the venues not being open. After school classes are now back on. We will update when preschool classes will resume. 

How our Zoom class work.

Our aim is to keep as many children engaged in cooking as possible. We don’t want any of the children that attend our Smart Raspberry classes to miss out so if they can continue cooking at home it will give them some routine and something fun and educational to do during this unsettling time.

• Delivered via Zoom so you can see your teacher and other friends cooking along.
• They can ask and answer questions with the teacher and friends.
• Siblings and other family members can join in the same class at no extra charge.
• Available on computer, tablet or phone.
• Online recipe sheets made available in advance with lots of suggestions of alternative ingredients.


We've shared many pictures of what the children have made this summer in their online classes on Facebook. Do check out all of their photos and testimonials so you can see how much fun they have had!