Activities for Older People

There is lots of evidence that keeping older people active, both their brains and their bodies is great for them physically, mentally and emotionally. Cookery is an activity that not many activity coordinators provide to any extent more than something like biscuit decorating as it needs quantities of specific equipment and lots of planning of ingredients that makes it quite difficult to include in an activity program.


Cookery is something that, with planning and expertise, can provide a lovely experience for older people. Cooking often brings back memories and can easily recreate something that people have done all their lives but maybe often don’t get a chance to do so much when they are older. Our recipes can be themed such as Mediterranean or Recipes from around the World and so may well be dishes that people have not cooked before but possible enjoyed on holiday in the past. We are conscious that many older people could be very experienced cooks, so we would not want to patronise them with easy recipes, but also conscious that some, perhaps widowers, might appreciate some recipes they can make again at home once they know how to. We do both sweet and savoury dishes. Providing a fun and social activity that enables them to bring home a lovely dish to eat at the end we hope would be a popular one!


The Smart Raspberry teacher sets up a class, bringing all equipment needed, such as bowls, cutlery, graters, scales, rolling pins etc as well as all ingredients needed, aprons to use and a laminated recipe card to take home. We also bring packaging to take the dishes home to be cooked. Our classes and equipment are designed to be very safe, as the class is held with everyone sitting down at a table and some ingredients prepped beforehand. At the end of the class, the dishes are packaged up to be brought home and mostly just need popping in the oven and some are ready to eat. Cooking instructions are on the recipe card they take home.

We can provide a cookery session as a one off or occasional/pop up activity or a weekly/biweekly/monthly class. As we bring everything needed, the only thing the Activity Coordinator needs to do is promote the class to and let us know numbers.  The classes are relaxed and fun and are really something different to take part in.

If you would like to have a cookery class in your day centre. residential home , U3A or any other older persons group, please do contact us!