Book A Cooking Class for Your Child

April 2021 update: For our Summer term we are running after school classes, online teen classes but no preschool classes. 

We are now taking bookings for Online Teen Cookery classes and Primary age classes.


These classes are aimed at Teens aged 13 and over to do by themselves or for children from aged 10 with an adult helper by their side. We cook a dinner for 4 ready in time to be eaten that evening. Sometimes with pudding too! Click here for more details.


These classes are aimed at any aged child and we make recipes to be cooked after the class by an adult. They can be done with preschoolers aged from 2 onwards with lots of help from an adult or primary aged children can do the classes with a little help and supervision from an adult. We usually alternate between a sweet and savoury recipe each week. 

From September 2021 we plan to start up again our....

Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells Preschool Cookery Classes. For after schools clubs we are back into two schools and hope to have more soon. We also have our online Teen Cookery Club running on Wednesdays.

We currently do not have the same amount of classes that we had last year, as some have been difficult to restart due to Covid 19 venue guidelines, but hopefully we will have more soon! Please do keep an eye on our Facebook page for details.


Please see details here for:

Preschool School, Tonbridge

In Person Class


Woodlands Primary School, Tonbridge

In Person Class

Rose Hill School, Tunbridge Wells

In Person Class

Advanced Classes for Teens (Open to all)

Online Class

Preschool School, Frant, Tunbridge Wells

In Person Class


Plan to restart in Sep 2021

Plan to restart in Sep 2021

Children's Cookery Classes

Preschool classes are suitable for children aged 2-5 years old. The children do as much of the making of the recipe as possible, with an occasional hand from a parent or carer! You are welcome to bring a younger sibling along.

After school classes are suitable for 5-11 years old. The classes state on each booking page if they are open to all, or just the children at the school.

Teen Cookery Classes are more advanced and are for older children who love to cook. Children aged from 10 may join but must have an adult with them at all times. Teens may do the class by themselves but do need an adult within shouting distance in case they need a hand.

Please note, you must book in advance for these classes. You may be able to book a trial for a first class to see how your child gets on!