Online Cookery Classes for Children of Axa Staff

We are pleased to be offering cookery classes for children of Axa staff.

Our first classes are on Friday 17th April with more to be scheduled weekly thereafter if all goes well. The classes are held via Zoom. Places are strictly limited as classes are kept small to ensure a great experience for all.

Preschool class - 11am

Primary/Secondary class - 3pm


We will be holding LIVE preschool classes for children aged 2-5 years old. The children (with an adult helper) will prepare a dish alongside the teacher.  Sometimes dishes are ready to eat and sometimes need to be cooked after the class has finished. Preschool classes will be slower paced and the children should be encouraged to do everything they are able to, sometimes with help from their grown up. There is no rush in class, we wait for the children to complete each step so they have an enjoyable class and we chat as we go along.



We will also be holding LIVE classes for children aged between 5 - 14 ish years old. The children (with an adult helper either in the kitchen if they are young or within shouting distance if they are older!) will prepare a dish alongside me. These classes will be interactive if the child would like and the children should be able to do everything themselves, but sometimes with a helper if they need it.  (Multiple children in the family are welcome!)

Please contact Ana Lodeiro by email if you would like your child/ren to attend. The classes are paid for by Axa so free for you to attend!